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IMOVALUE International is an independent multinational valuation and advisory firm of Chartered Surveyors and property consultants.


Established in 2010 IMOVALUE International is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing property consultancy firms employing over 90 professionals across 6 countries.


As an independent firm with multinational presence and extensive local knowledge, we have the experience and expertise to provide detailed and justifiable property advice in compliance with the highest local and international standards.


In the last calendar year, we have valued in excess of USD 24 billion worth of property in over 75,000 reports.


We are proud of our track record as a highly motivated, success oriented, energetic and resourceful organization that can offer you a comprehensive list of value added property services.

We provide professional advise across Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia.

We are a RICS Regulated Firm.

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Successful investment requires the right environment and a trustworthy partner.


Our commitment to excellence has won us the respect and ongoing business of our clients.


They look upon us as a trusted advisor and a perfect springboard for their growth and security.


In a fast paced world, we are committed to time-honored values such as dedication, consistency, integrity, transparency and punctuality.

We complement them with innovative thinking, strong work ethics and reliable practices.


We strongly believe these are the solid foundations from which we can offer you valuation & advisory services that directly and efficiently address your needs and requirements.

Our team of qualified valuers and Chartered Surveyors have extensive knowledge supported by the latest industry data via our centralized valuation management system.


An in-house system powered by proprietary property technology, including an Automated Valuation Model and an Appraisal Management Software, that enables us to provide accurate, timely and transparent valuation reports across all types of property assets.


Throughout our professional services engagements, we adhere to industry leading standards and practices, so our valuations and surveyings are conducted in accordance with the highest standards set by the RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the International Valuation Standards.


We also comply with local Regulatory Bodies and Institutions.


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