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property technology

Since 2011, we have invested substantial resources and countless number of hours to develop proprietary technology that enhance our valuation capabilities, mitigate risk and increase our service levels.

We strongly believe technology is enhancing the valuation & advisory professions, rather than destroying it.


Non-technical tasks and redundant data entries can now be aggregated under the vast functionalities of our goimovAMS, a proprietary Appraisal Management Software that we have developed, implemented and upgraded over the past 8 years.

Additionally, we also developed a proprietary AVM Automated Valuation Model, that allows us to respond to corporate customer's requests better and faster, in a reliable way. 

Our AVM generates individual reports for single properties and thousands of reports for large portfolios.

We index and update thousands of data points from thousands of sources on a daily basis.

The data is then curated (tested and processed) by our system and our data analysts.


We then use Natural Language Processing (NLP) we identify the location name and type of each property.


In order to mitigate duplicate data, we use machine learning to unify duplicate listings, regardless of divergent information.

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