Innovative Approach

In a fast-changing world and dynamic environment, access to reliable and accurate information is mandatory. We have developed an in-house valuation and information system.

IMOVALUE International Valuation Management System

Over the years of practice, we have realized that a sound management system, aligned with the latest technologies, can only enhance clients experience when dealing with IMOVALUE International. That is why, the entire process, from instruction to delivery and invoicing, is managed through a centralized system that allows real-time communications, with clients, regardless of the step of the valuation cycle.

Using this platform, our teams can act independently and remotely, being able to:

  • collect and send data in real-time
  • maintain and observe company’s quality standards
  • observing and complying to relevant industry standards
  • secure and organize document archiving
  • process and benchmark market data
  • performance and management reporting invoicing

This platform is also available to our registered clients, providing them with instant and secure access to real time status of active valuations, including updates and inspection details, as well as allowing them to use relevant indicators to monitor general performance and service level agreement compliance.

Completed reports are available within the platform for our clients’ consultation, download or printing.